We at Desert Advertising Management have worked in the advertising and marketing business for more than 20 years.

All types and sizes of businesses, from airlines to auto dealers to small local restaurants have benefited from our experience.

One distinct difference between us and other agencies is that we have sat on both sides of the table, meaning we have bought advertising for businesses and we have sold advertising. Few of our competitors can say the same.

It is from this experience that we realized that owners of many small to medium sized businesses wanted to focus on running their business and needed guidance in marketing. They were great at running their restaurant, gym or plumbing company, but they didn’t know advertising and hoped their media representative would lead them in the right direction. This is when we decided to change the rules. Most advertising agencies charge a retainer and then get a percent of the price of the ad when it runs, regardless of the result. We didn’t think that sounded fair, especially for the small business owner. We decided to change things up and that’s how Desert Advertising Management came to be.

We offer a simple pricing plan with no hidden fees. We have experience with print, digital, billboards, direct mail, social media and online targeting with Google Ads and text messaging.

If you’re looking to grow your business but are not sure what media you should be using or if your current advertising is working, we can help. Contact us today for a free advertising assessment. What do you have to lose, except for potential customers!

Desert Advertising Management, your friend in the advertising business.