Does ROI still exist in advertising?

Return on investment, it’s what every business wants when it comes to marketing and advertising.  Is me spending money making me money?  In the old days it was easy to measure, people clipped a coupon out of a newspaper, remember what that it is, and would bring it in to your restaurant or store.  If you live in a tourist area, you can still find the coupon books offering 20% off dinners or free shark tooth with purchase!  With a coupon it’s easy to measure ROI, with social media and the internet not so much.  It doesn’t matter if a person saw your ad on TV, they are going to go to your website to find out about you and your business. (I’ll talk about web design and info on another blog)  If you ask them how they heard about your business the last thing they did was see you on the web and that’s what they’ll say.  Nowadays marketing and advertising is more about branding your business.  Be seen as much as possible so your business is top of mind to the consumer, also know as TOMA, top of mind awareness.  Lawyers and other service industries do it best.  No one wakes up and says, “I think I’ll install a new AC unit today”, but when it breaks they remember someone’s jingle or phone number.  They search the web, see someone familiar, (translation a business who advertises a lot, and calls them because they feel a “connection”.  If you want to truly measure ROI, either use text message or email campaigns to send coupons to a persons phone, they’ll bring it in and show you, then you’ll have your ROI.