Tracking Your Customer

First thing first, it’s near impossible.  In my previous blog I spoke how a customer will visit your web site before coming to your business.  What’s more when you ask them how they heard of you they will take the path of least resistance.  I ran car dealerships for years and we had great CRM, customer retention management systems allowing the sales people to gather their information follow up with potential customers.  One of the first questions asked was, “How did you hear about us?” 80% of the time it was, “I was driving by”.  It became such an easy out for the customer and sales person that I had the option removed from our CRM so I could maybe get a better idea on what was working!  People don’t want to be quizzed when the come to your business, they came in, help them and be thankful they are there.  After they buy something or have dinner, then follow up with a thank you text or email.  That small effort of gratitude will bring you more customers.